domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011



The project I present here is the region of Santos, which is in St. Vincent, Martim Afonso House. In this House of hundreds of years, we can see from the colonial period pieces and objects from several centuries ago. In the basement of the building visitors are exposed to a pre-Columbian sambaqui. On site is also exposed to the stone with the inscription that is at the top of the old parish church of the first village in Brazil.

A visitation program should include a visit from students of all municipal and state to visit this museum under the guidance of teachers and guides the institution.
With the ease of getting digital photos, students should be encouraged to photograph each piece, frame and enclosure of the building to be developed a virtual work with captions explaining the details of the museum and its collection. For further elaboration of the work, a student must record the audio explanations of tourist guides to facilitate when setting up the legend of the photos. The work can be presented in the classroom through slides, and posted on the internet in a blog so everyone will have access to the Project.

Valdemir Mota de Menezes, The Scribe

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