quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011


Work BRIEF: Museum and Education: Concepts and Methods of Maria Celia T. Moura Souza by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes The importance of museum education is that it reminds us of issues that attracted the attention of society and this took care to preserve works, literature, parts and other objects related to a regional or historical moment. The museum is a place of education and study, even if it is for most people a place of non-formal learning. The tradition is the basis for education, is from the conquest of others who went before us, we seized the knowledge and proceed in the process of building emcima more knowledge of what has been achieved previously. Hence, considering the tradition, the foundation of knowledge that not only can be assimilated, but also expanded. Still prevails in the minds of many concepts limited, as if a museum was just a place where you keep old things, few understand that there is a source of cultural knowledge concerning the formation of society. For a museum to be mounted to all research and technical processes such as collection, classification and recording of parts, maintenance, and installation of exhibitions. The museum is an institution that has the following objectives: 1 - To contribute to the conservation of heritage, promote the integration of the museum in society, democratizing knowledge, increase of leisure options, expose knowledge, interact with schools and universities to exchange knowledge between the formal and non-formal, enable the potential tourist community where the museum is located, to promote the training of specialized professionals, improve the performance of professional education and carry out programs of mutual cooperation with other institutions and museums. Museums should be more than visited, should be lived, as new museums created open space for the community there to feed knowledge. Museums should not be limited in physical space, caged, must be an instrument of social practice, where people can learn, discuss, meditate, reflect, question and build a new vision, renewing the spirit in the process of education and lifelong learning.

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